What Happening? In Your City …….

Dragon Boat Festival In May: the Yangtze River becomes the setting for this extremely lively event, which sees dragon boats filled with oarsmen in traditional costume traverse the strips closest to the city in friendly but highly competitive races.

Lantern Festival In March: the arrival of this festival denotes the coming to an end of the New Year celebratory period. It’s less lively than the Spring Festival and is a chance for the locals to enjoy the romantic scenes that the glowing paper lanterns placed across the city create.

Spring Festival this is the New Year celebration according to the lunar calendar and is a big and important occasion in Chongqing. Locals buy new clothing to mark the beginning of the New Year and the city centre is filled with lively revellers enjoying fireworks and traditional dragon dances. It held in february

Qingming in May: this festival gives Chonging’s locals a chance to visit the graves of family members or friends who have passed on. Traditionally the graves are cleaned and flowers and food are left as offerings.

The Double Seventh Festival: held on the 7th day of the 7th Of July and often spilling over into August, this festival is China’s equivalent of Valentine’s Day and is based the old legend of Niu Lang and Zhi Nu.

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